location notes:

  • back cove

    Sunset viewing city lights, tide needs to be at 6ft or higher to do so. Frank and I scoped out Back Cove at sunset. Back cove would also be good around 8am.

    Tide Level: I determined based on the depth we had that a 6ft tide level or higher is needed to go there.

  • highland lake

    southern end boat launch. Spectacular spot with small exception of about 50-60 feet walk through gross mud, otherwise wide open. No buoys, no obstacles, grassy/mud bottom.

    Tide Level:

  • ferry beach

    Tide Level: Great spot an hour before and after high tide

  • little sebago lake

    Scott's friends place _western shore (need advance permission) Also public boat launch at the southern end, but parking can fill up very quickly on nice days.

    Tide Level:

  • Raymond Town Beach

    Decent spot when not busy, could be quite busy with summer traffic.

    Tide Level: